Using Apache Camel as AKKA – Johan Edstrom

Using Apache Camel as AKKA from Johan Edstrom


Building A Country On Java Open Source – Jeff Genender and Johan Edstrom

JavaOne 2013 Rockstars, Jeff Genender and Johan Edstrom, Presented at JavaOne 2013. ABSTRACT: This session presents a case study of a complete transition of citizen services to an open source platform, combining NoSQL, Camel, SOA techniques, and proven Java EE technologies. It shows how a scalable, distributed, secure system was built with modular rapid development techniques. The system integrates disparate proprietary and legacy systems into a fast, modern open source solution and puts the information necessary from each government entity into the hands of the citizens.


Advanced Architectures Using Open Source and Apache Software – Heath Kesler

JavaOne 2012 Rockstar, Heath Kesler, Presented at JavaOne 2012. ABSTRACT: SOA is a complex subject that needs direction on how to properly architect services for enterprise implementations. Understanding the proper way to implement SOA today can be very difficult, so leveraging the experience of the trials and tribulations of a real-world implementation can be very helpful. Attendees at this session will learn how to more efficiently interact and develop with components of a service-oriented architecture and how to build a stable and scalable system that can grow with ever-changing requirements by using open source frameworks.


Apache Karaf in the Trenches – Jamie Goodyear

Our Instant OSGi Starter co-author, Jamie Goodyear, presented at EclipseCon/OSGi DevCon Boston 2013 Apache Karaf in the Trenches. Abstract: Apache Karaf is a small, light weight server side OSGi runtime environment, that has been gaining in popularity in the Apache and OSGi community. The shift towards using OSGi environments has introduced new challenges to architects, developers, and operators in building and deploying these systems. In this session I will share some of my experiences in developing, deploying, and maintaining OSGi based software systems among Global 2000 companies targeting the Apache Karaf runtime environment.
The talk will be broken down into three sections:

  • A brief introduction to Apache Karaf
  • Best practices in deployment
  • Best practices for developing applications