Empowering MicroServices with Apache Karaf at Full Stack Toronto 2015


Deploying modular Java applications requires a container capable of supporting their special needs out of the box – Apache Karaf provides this and more.

Apache Karaf has become the defacto modular application container for Service Oriented Architectures and Software Defined Networking. These Karaf-based projects are powering web services and network infrastructure world wide.

In this session, Savoir’s Jamie Goodyear will present how Apache Karaf provides an ecosystem for supporting modular development and deployments of modern micro service architectures found in today’s largest SOA and SDN infrastructures.

Full Stack Toronto (https://fsto.co/) is a non-profit organization that provides web developers with access to education and resources that cover intermediate to advanced web development, free of commercial content. Speakers at Full Stack Toronto events are subject matter experts with extensive industry experience. Attendees will walk away having not only learned the why of what they’re doing, but also how to execute on ideas. Workshop-style sessions with a focus on all layers of web development—in a commercial free environment—is what really sets Full Stack Toronto events apart from all other development events.

Savoir Technologies Inc® is an industry leader for open source solutions, especially in the SOA and JavaEE space. Companies of all sizes and industries are turning to open source solutions for reliable and cost-effective measures to increase performance, reliability, and flexibility. Savoir brings its staff’s experience with committership on many of the Apache services stack projects and lessons learned from being in the trenches with Global 2000 clients.

Jamie Goodyear is an Apache Software Foundation Member, open source evangelist, and computer systems analyst; he has designed, critiqued, and supported architectures for large organizations worldwide. Jamie has worked in systems administration, software quality assurance, and senior software developer roles for businesses from ranging from small start-ups to international corporations. He has attained committer status on Apache Karaf, Servicemix, and Felix, and is a Project Management Committee member on Apache Karaf. He is co-author of Instant OSGi Starter (Packt Publishing, 2013), co-author of Learning Apache Karaf (Packt Publishing, 2013), and co-author of Apache Karaf Cookbook (Packt Publishing, 2014). Currently he divides his time between providing high-level reviews of architectures,mentoring developers and administrators with SOA and SDN deployments, and helping to grow the Apache community.