Savoir’s core competency is consulting. and we offer a host of services to help your organization. Our consultants have seen just about every type of implementation and bring our strong breadth of experience to help enable your particular situation. You are not just getting a knowledgeable consultant but a developer or contributor to the Apache product that you are using. Therefore we not only know how to use the products in the real world, but we have deep knowledge of the platform; because we helped write it! The following is a list of our current service offerings:

  • Stack Tuning

    Analyze and review ServiceMix and ActiveMQ configurations. Tune “stuck” ActiveMQ broker or destinations and recommend custom configurations for deployments and specific implementations to enhance performance.

  • Architectural Review

    Work with your team in your current software architecture and recommend changes and/or validate direction.

  • Mentoring

    Short “code-along” workshops where we develop code with your team and show them best-practice tips and how-tos on working with the Apache services stack.

  • Boot Strap

    Aid in getting your project off the ground by setting up your development environment and getting your team ready to produce code.

  • Life Cycle

    Act as a part of your team for the full project life-cycle process. We can aid in leading your team through the entire delivery of your SOA initiative.

  • Agile Open Source Methodology

    Work with your team on learning the “Open Source Way” way of development. We can help your team adopt the same methodologies used in writing open source code to allow you to develop code faster and make your developers more productive. We can teach you best practices in using toolsets and processes that enable your developers to deliver top quality product on-time and on-budget.


For more information on how we work please read our ‎frequently asked questions or contact us.