Announcing Apache ActiveMQ Artemis Support


Apache ActiveMQ LogoEVERGREEN, Colo. – Jan. 17, 2019Press Release — Savoir Technologies Inc® announces Developer and Production 8×5/24×7 commercial support for Apache ActiveMQ Artemis. The Apache ActiveMQ Artemis project is slated to become the next generation ActiveMQ version. Based on Red Hat’s HornetQ, it was donated to the Apache ActiveMQ project in 2014 and has been community contributed and developed for 3+ years under the Apache flag. Apache ActiveMQ Artemis’ current release is version 2.6.3 and is quickly encompassing Apache ActiveMQ 5.x’s capabilities. Apache ActiveMQ Artemis has a proven non blocking architecture. It delivers outstanding performance. Its contributions and stability have made it a solid and stable MQ platform. Savoir is committed to supporting the classic Apache ActiveMQ 5.X version and the new generation Apache ActiveMQ Artemis offering full commercial support for both MQ containers. Savoir is one of the very few organizations who can offer patch support to Apache ActiveMQ and Apache ActiveMQ Artemis.

Savoir Technologies is an industry leader for open source solutions, especially in the Microservices, SOA, and JavaEE space. Companies of all sizes and industries are turning to open source solutions for reliable and cost-effective measures to increase performance, reliability, and flexibility. Savoir brings its staff’s experience with committership on many of the Apache services stack projects and lessons learned from being in the trenches with Global 2000 clients.

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Apache ActiveMQ and Apache ActiveMQ Artemis are open source projects of The Apache Software Foundation. These products are released and are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation ( Savoir Technologies is a registered US trademark and not commercially associated with the Apache Software Foundation and all contributions from Savoir’s staff to the code is considered a part of each individual’s contribution to the project