Melbourne IT boot straps Open Source and SOA with Savoir

Melbourne IT is an internet service provider with a large footprint in southwestern Australia. They provide internet services as well as domain services and integrate with other ISP’s worldwide to provide a large number of products to their customers. They had jumped into open source technologies and service oriented architecture (SOA) with both feet, but had little experience implementing or using these products and soon felt they were in over their head. They went to a consulting firm that claimed to be able to help. After 3 months and hundreds of thousands of dollars, they realized that this group had little more knowledge then their own staff. So they turned to Savoir Technologies.

We sent in a specialized consultant to meet their needs. He worked hand in hand with a small group of developers and architects from different departments within Melbourne IT in order to ensure all parties were on the same page. He looked at what was delivered by the other consulting firm to suggest changes and areas for improvements where code was inefficient or wrong. Our consultant was able to setup a new base project for them to build from and architect a new implementation that would make the system more scalable and highly available using ActiveMQ and ServiceMix. Savoir’s intimate knowledge of SOA and open source enabled Melbourne IT to boot strap their SOA initiatives using open source with best-in-breed development methodologies and architectures.