Apache ActiveMQ Essentials Course Now Available


Savoir Technologies now offers a 2 day ActiveMQ Essentials course. This training focuses on the essential features of ActiveMQ using hands-on coding exercise to drive home the need to know concepts of this JMS framework. The course examines topics such as embedded brokers, persistence, prefetch, transcactions , connection management, message grouping as well as introducing the students to architectures that provide high availability and scaling. The labs offer students a hands-on experience coding against ActiveMQ using Spring or Java while implementing some of the more commonly used client features like selectors, request/reply, and grouping. Exercises are setup to make sure all students can keep up. Base exercises are created to allow students to focus specifically on writing the ActiveMQ code, not having to worry about setting up the maven build or basic configuration. Each exercise also provides a working solution, so students that struggle can reference the completed example. All students walk away with completely working examples of each exercise.

Savoir Offers a host of training options for Apache Camel, Karaf, ServiceMix, ActiveMQ, and CXF. Please contact us at  or call us at 303-670-9800 for more information.