Advanced ActiveMQ Training

Description: This training focuses on the advanced features of ActiveMQ and is considered the “Crown Jewels” of understanding the inner-workings of ActiveMQ and many features and troubleshooting techniques that end users will encounter in a production setting.  The course examines topics such as monitoring, advanced configuration, tuning, advanced architectures from the client and broker, topologies, and failover.  The labs offer students a hands-on experience in areas they will encounter in a real-world ActiveMQ implementation.

Target Audience: This course is for architects and developers who need to understand the advanced topics of using ActiveMQ to build integration solutions using message-oriented middleware.

Objective: After this course the attendees will have learned advanced topics in using ActiveMQ, such as tuning and diagnostics, monitoring, advanced topologies and high availability/failover consideration.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: Course fees require a minimum of 6 attendees plus the cost of the instructor travel.  Contact us for a detailed fee schedule.

Pre-requisites: Attendees must have:

  • Good working knowledge of Java, including a good 
understanding of Java developments tools (ant, maven, 
  • Basic understanding of distributed systems concepts (SOA, 
Web Services) and a solid understanding of JMS and ActiveMQ

Hardware: Students are required to have a computer or laptop with Windows, MacOS, or Linux with Java 6/7 and Maven 3 installed, as well as the ability to read PDF documents. Class materials will be watermarked and distributed to the students in electronic format.

Day 1
1) Advanced ActiveMQ overview
2) Monitoring and configuration
3) Lab – Configuration
4) Tuning
5) Lab – Tuning and stuck queues
6) Advanced architectures and considerations
7) Lab – Prefetch and clients
8) Network of Brokers and topologies
9) Lab – Network of Brokers
10) Failover considerations
11) Lab – Failover considerations