You can find the latest and most current Apache binaries for ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF, Karaf, ServiceMix, and Aetos here. Links to previous versions can be found further down on this page.

Current releases

Product Binaries Source
Aetos ESB 3.0.8
Unix/Mac Jar
Aetos ESB 3.0.8
Windows Jar
Apache ActiveMQ 5.14.0 Unix/Mac Zip file
Apache ActiveMQ 5.14.0 Windows Zip file
Apache Camel 2.17.3 Unix/Mac Zip file
Apache Camel 2.17.3 Windows Zip file
Apache CXF 3.1.7 Unix/Mac Tar.gz file
Apache CXF 3.1.7 Windows Zip file
Apache Karaf 3.0.8 Unix/Mac Tar.gz file
Apache Karaf 3.0.8 Windows Zip file
Apache ServiceMix 7.0.0.M2 Unix/Mac/Windows Zip file


Previous releases

Apache ActiveMQ
Apache Camel
Apache CXF
Apache Karaf
Apache ServiceMix