Apache CXF 2.5.2 Released


The Apache CXF team is proud to announce the availability of the latest patch releases: 2.5.2.

There are over 45 JIRA issues fixed in 2.5.2. These include:

Bug Fixes

[CXF-3981] – WS-Addressing related faults do not contain addressing headers
[CXF-3984] – Impossible to handle Locale parameters with country qualifiers
[CXF-3986] – Update MessageContext.getContextualProperty to check Exchange if the property is of type Class
[CXF-3989] – messageConetxt.setScope(MessageContext.HTTP_REQUEST_HEADERS, Scope.APPLICATION) leads to java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
[CXF-3991] – Address information should be added to error message if conduit is not found
[CXF-3993] – WS-RM’s blueprint configuration fails to parse RMAssertion entries
[CXF-3995] – CORS filter fails to fall back to annotations on entire class when it fails to find one for the specific method
[CXF-4001] – OAuthUtils should use InputStream available on the current message instead of the one from HttpServletRequest
[CXF-4004] – 2.5.1 regression: Duplicate code generation with fluent plugin
[CXF-4005] – Regression: Duplicated option: verbose
[CXF-4007] – Jetty threading parameters doesn’t setup threadpool properly
[CXF-4008] – Should also check javax.net.ssl.keyStore* properties….
[CXF-4011] – The STS SAML DefaultSubjectProvider does not set the encryption algorithm when building an EncryptedKey
[CXF-4012] – The AlgorithmSuite class does not use the WS-SP standard maximum symmetric key size
[CXF-4015] – wadl2java: xs:integer param is generated as invalid type
[CXF-4016] – JAX-WS schema generation of an Exception annoted with @WebFault that contains a property of a class annotated with @XmlRootElement causes the schema of the WSDL to generate the incorrectly
[CXF-4017] – SchemaCollection.addCrossImports handles only XmlSchemaSequence instead of all XmlSchemaGroupParticle
[CXF-4018] – JAX-WS Providers created from class (instead of an actual instance bean) do not get the JAXWSMethodInvoker
[CXF-4027] – Aegis BeanType does not ignore super type of java.lang.Enum
[CXF-4029] – cxf-codegen-plugin doesn’t generate any code code when the wsdl parameter is an url
[CXF-4031] – NullPoint Exception Raised when input is nothing and using Holder to return response
[CXF-4036] – JAXBContextInitializer ignores some javax.xml.bind Annotations
[CXF-4037] – Problem creating dynamic client when WSDL is hosted with secured transport (https)
[CXF-4042] – When generating schema/wsdl, schemaLocations provided via @XmlSchema are dropped
[CXF-4043] – JSONProvider can not get a custom prefix set for a collection wrapper element
[CXF-4044] – ensure publishedEndpointUrl property could be set to endpoint
[CXF-4045] – BusFactory does not catch NoClassDefFoundError


[CXF-3859] – Sample which illustrates how to use CXF JAX-RS OSGI bundle
[CXF-3979] – specify cxf-bundle start-level less than 60
[CXF-3982] – Add metatype files for CXF config admin service pids
[CXF-3983] – OSGi configs for WorkQueues should use the ManagedServiceFactory pattern
[CXF-3985] – Support for attributes with multiple values in LdapClaimsHandler
[CXF-3988] – org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.ext.multipart.Attachment object should be mutable
[CXF-3990] – Change scope for EffectivePolicyImpl.initilise() and EndpointPolicyImpl.initilise() to more permissive
[CXF-3992] – Making JMX instrumentation manager configurable using some bus properties
[CXF-3996] – Extend POLICY_OVERRIDE property to service IN
[CXF-3998] – CORS filter should allow ‘any’ header on preflights if asked
[CXF-4000] – Update JSONProvider to get the response optionally formatted
[CXF-4003] – XmlSchemaPrimitiveUtils covers date/time types
[CXF-4010] – Add ability to specific EncryptionProperties per STS instance
[CXF-4013] – Enhancing the element-append and drop options of OutTransformWriter
[CXF-4014] – Refactor OSGi classes for better readability
[CXF-4024] – Update to Jetty 7.5.4 or implement workraound from JETTY-1444
[CXF-4033] – Interceptor and Features annotations require context classloader
[CXF-4038] – Support XML Signatures on the server to the client path
[CXF-4039] – If the wsdlLocation is not a valid URL, you class.getResource(…)
[CXF-4047] – OAuthContext should provide an access to OAuthPermissions

New Feature

[CXF-4021] – Claims element support in RST for validate binding


[CXF-3999] – Update Jettison version to 1.3.1