Apache CXF 2.7.0 Released


The Apache CXF team is proud to announce the availability of the latest version of CXF: 2.7.0. Apache CXF 2.7.0 contains several new features and enhancements that users have been asking for such as WS-Discovery support, Asynchronous HTTP transports, some work toward JAX-RS 2.0 support, etc… See the migration guide for a the complete list.

Downloads are available here.

In addition, Apache CXF 2.4.10/2.5.6/2.6.3 has been released as well. Over 50 JIRA issues were fixed for 2.6.3 which many of those fixes back ported to the other branches.

This is mostly a patch release to fix problems and issues that users have encountered.

*This is the last planned release of the 2.4.x series of patches. Users are STRONGLY encouraged to upgrade to the newer versions of CXF.*