OSGi Starter by Savoir Team Now Available


Savoir Technologies is proud to announce that “OSGi Starter” is now available for pre-order via Packt Publishing. By-lined “The essential guide to modular development with OSGi for the serious application developer”, Johan Edstrom and Jamie Goodyear provide Java developers the guidance they need to get productive quickly on OSGi projects.

“Earlier this year Johan and I were approached by Packt Publishing to submit an outline on OSGi for their Starter series. Both Johan and I have been working with modular java frameworks and runtime environments for years – so being given an opportunity to share our experiences and help developers quickly come up to speed was a fortuity. Our goal was write the book such that a java developer could pick it up on a Friday afternoon and come Monday morning be ready to join a team project based in OSGi, with an already established software architecture, and be productive.”

Savoir Technologies Inc® is an industry leader for open source solutions, especially in the SOA and JavaEE space. Companies of all sizes and industries are turning to open source solutions for reliable and cost-effective measures to increase performance, reliability, and flexibility. Savoir brings its staff’s experience with committership on many of the Apache services stack projects and lessons learned from being in the trenches with Global 2000 clients.

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