Apache Camel 2.5.0 Released


Apache Camel 2.5.0 Release. The Apache Camel project issued this week another minor release camel-2.5.0. We are extremely grateful to the community for all the contributions.

The 2.5.0 release (see release notes for details) includes approx 300 issues resolved (new features, improvements and bug fixes) among which, in no particular order:

  • Added suspend/resume operations to CamelContext for warm restarts, or as the preferred way to temporary stop a running Camel application, and then later resume it. Those operations is also available in JMX.
  • Fixed an issue with starting CamelContext after it had been shutdown, leading to routes not properly being re-initialized and started.
  • Improved management of routes in JMX. You can now suspend/resume routes which support suspension. There is a new removeRoute to remove a route from JMX. Routes with autoStartup=false is now also listed in JMX, to allow you to start the routes manually.
  • The Asynchronous Routing Engine allows to be forced into synchronous mode for certain components, by specifying synchronous=true in the endpoint uri.
  • CXF consumer and CXFRS consumer will try to leverage CXF continuation API to call the camel process asynchronous API if it is possible, and you can turn it off by setting the synchronous option to true.
  • CXF Bean Component now supports using customer providers configured by the providers option on the CXFRS endpoint.
  • CXFRS producer now leverages fallback type converter which means its much easier for end users to grab the response body in a type they want.
  • FTP now supports MSV file systems.
  • Many improvements in the File and FTP components.
  • Server thread pool settings can be configured on Jetty component.
  • Easier to configure general HTTP/SSL socket connector properties on Jetty component.
  • JMS uses Asynchronous Routing Engine for Request Reply messaging over JMS.
  • Added support for timeout in Recipient List, Splitter and Multicast EIPs when running in parallel mode.
  • Added dynamicRouter to the DSL to make it easier to do dynamic routing using a Bean to evaluate on-the-fly the next destination(s).
  • Major overhaul of the Quickfix component. Thanks to the QuickFIX/J community for help.

Download Camel now and enjoy the ride!