Savoir Presenters win JavaOne 2013 RockStar award


Savoir’s Johan Edstrom and Jeff Genender were presented with a JavaOne 2013 RockStar award for their presentation, “Building a Country On OpenSource”, which they delivered at the JavaOne 2013 conference in San Francisco on September 23rd, 2013. The session presented a case study of a complete transition of citizen services to an open source platform, combining NoSQL, Camel, SOA techniques, and proven Java EE technologies. It shows how a scalable, distributed, secure system was built with modular rapid development techniques. The system integrated disparate proprietary and legacy systems into a fast, modern open source solution and puts the information necessary from each government entity into the hands of the citizens.

Savoir offers its congratulations to Johan and Jeff since its a recognition of being the best speakers of the conference as voted on by attendees through the surveys at the conference.